Pre-Professional and Joint Degree Programs

Required Materials

Certain materials are required for admission. 

You must submit the following to OPPAF for the Pre-Medical Council:

1. A picture for identification purposes. After picture is received you will be given evaluation forms.

2. Solicit a minimum of 5 faculty evaluations (3 from science/math faculty) and to verify with OPPAF that they have been received. Due date: May 15, at the end of junior year.

3. A resume that includes the following:

  • Name, Home Address/Dorm Address (if applicable), Cell Phone/ Home Phone/Dorm Phone (if applicable)
  • Overall GPA and Science GPA (include math, chemistry, biology and physics)
  • A list of honors and awards (including those received in high school).
  • A succinct description of your clinical experience.
  • A list of jobs or work experience. Be sure to state the number of hours per week you worked while in school.
  • The fields in which you are majoring and/or minoring.
  • The areas of research in which you are working, the name of the faculty member who is your mentor, and your research project title.
  • Any significant information you feel the Premedical Council should know i.e. worked 40 hours per week and thus grades in sophomore semester were low… had personality conflict and thus got a “C” in Drawing Workshop course… scored low in Quantitative Section of MCAT but got “A’s” grades in Calculus and Physics… etc.

4. A copy of transcripts from all colleges you ever attended.

5. A copy of your electronic application from Application Services, which are Online (see below). Make sure that you include a complete listing of all professional schools to which you are applying, with their addresses. (Note: If you are applying online, you may print them from the online application.) Your name and online application ID number from the application service must appear on all pages.

6. A copy of your MCAT, DAT, OAT, or GRE results.

7. You must take the appropriate admission test in the spring of your junior year (or fall of your senior year).

8. You must inform OPPAF of all interviews, rejections and acceptances in writing and advise us of the school that you will be attending.

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