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Composite Letter

Adelphi’s pre-medical council writes composite letters for students.

Along with your application, you will be required to submit a composite letter in addition to the individual letters of evaluation.

Find valuable strategies for selecting evaluators (PDF)

What is a composite letter?
Admission committees to the professional schools usually prefer to receive a committee letter of evaluation from a pre-medical committee at the institution the applicant attends. The committee writes on behalf of the applicant, recommending them based on the ranking system of the applicant’s institution.

Adelphi’s Pre-medical Council will write a composite letter for your application to professional school and issue you a ranking based on various criteria that are discussed among Council members. These decisive factors include your GPA, ethical conduct, academic honesty, and personal characteristics. The ranking system that the Pre-medical Council of Adelphi uses is the following:

Very Highly recommended (90-100 Percentile)
Highly recommended (75-90 Percentile)
Recommended without reservation (50-75 Percentile)
Recommended with reservation (25-50 Percentile)
Evaluated (0-25 Percentile)

This composite letter consists mainly of six parts:

  • Your waiver of rights to inspect the composite letter and letters of evaluations; waiver of rights allowing the Premedical Council to gain access to your disciplinary records held by the Dean of Student Affairs, granting the Council rights to share those records with the professional schools to which you apply.
  • You should select a faculty member from the Premedical Council who knows you best and who will write a strong composite letter on your behalf. If you do not wish to approach someone on the Council to write your composite letter, the Council will then elect a member to write it on your behalf.
  • A description of you that includes some personal history, focusing on your strong and weak characteristics, both academic as well as non-academic. They will also highlight comments from the various letters of evaluation you have received.
  • Verbatim reproduction of 5 or more letters of evaluation (3 from science/math faculty).
  • Conclusion and summary.
  • Attached letters from non-academic sources where applicable.

Students: Find out what you need to supply your faculty evaluator in these composite letter writing guidelines (PDF).

Faculty: view composite letter writing guidelines (PDF).

Most professional schools admit students on a continuing basis beginning in the fall (rolling admissions). It is in your best interest to have your application completed by early fall.

DEADLINE DATE: All material for your Pre-Medical Council composite letter MUST be submitted no later than May 15 at the end of your junior year!

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