Pre-Professional and Joint Degree Programs

Letters of Evaluation

Evaluations are an essential part of the application process.

When you register as a pre-health profession student with the Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships (OPPAF) you will receive evaluation forms which you then give to faculty members of your choice. You must have at least five evaluations, three of which should be from science or math professors. It is recommended that you approach full-time faculty members to write your letter of evaluation. At the same time, give them a one-page resume or a copy of your personal statement (even if it’s a rough draft) and a small photograph which is particularly important if you were in a large class or took the class a while ago. Lay the groundwork for this evaluation by being active in class and by taking advantage of your professor’s office hours.

You may also include letters from other professionals who can attest to academic ability, character, and potential to succeed in professional school. In the fall of their junior year, students should make an appointment with a member of Premedical Council to discuss the application procedure and initiate the conglomerate letter of evaluation required by most professional schools. Early consultations with both the departmental and premedical advisers are recommended to ensure that all requirements are met and to monitor students’ progress.

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