Pre-Professional and Joint Degree Programs

Pre-Health Overview

Preparing you for a career as a health professional.

The health professions are popular career goals for many Adelphi students. Students preparing for allopathic, chiropractic, dental, optometric, osteopathic, pharmacy, physician assistant, podiatric, or veterinary medical schools (“pre-meds”) or those interested in physical therapy may major in any subject but must all take a number of science courses. You must consult with the advisor of the field you are interested in (typically: general chemistry, organic chemistry, general biology, and physics—all one year sequences—and at least one semester of math and statistics). Careful planning is important because the required science courses must be completed by the end of the junior year, at which time the national pre-professional examinations (Medical College Admissions Test [MCAT], Dental Admissions Test [DAT], Optometry Admissions Test [OAT], Graduate Record Exam [GRE]) should be taken.

All pre-health students should register with the Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships in Levermore Hall, Room 303, early in their college career and no later than the end of their sophomore year. In the fall of their junior year, students should make an appointment with the OPPAF Director, Robert I. Schwartz, to discuss the application procedure and finalize the process of gathering letters of evaluation. Early consultation with the departmental adviser and pre-medical adviser are recommended to discuss career plans, assure appropriate course selection, and monitor progress.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in non-science disciplines can prepare for health professional school admission by participating in the post-baccalaureate pre-med program. Candidates with degrees in non-science disciplines can take the required pre-health courses and appropriate ancillary courses and receive advising and letters of evaluation in support of their professional school applications. (See Basic Sciences for Health Professions Post-Bachelor’s Certificate). Science graduates interested in becoming health professionals may also participate in this program or may benefit by enrolling in the M.S. program in biology to improve their pre-medical credentials. They too will receive full pre-health support services. More information about these programs can be obtained from Robert I. Schwartz at 516.877.3140 or by emailing

Information about Adelphi’s Joint Degree/Early Acceptance Programs in optometry, dentistry, physical therapy, and podiatry can be found on the Joint Degree Programs section.


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